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We respect the hustle.

Within the inherent challenges of engaging with the Corporatocracy there are unchangeable situations that test your motivation to do what is best for your life, such as being pushed off of the corporate pier.


Why Layoffpalooza?

My name is Rita and in August of 1984 I became an employee of an American multinational telecommunications conglomerate. By April of 2016 it was evident to me that what I had done was traded my cool, my looks, and approximately seven thousand and eight hundred days of my life for a place in line for the corporate experience. My personal corporate experience included four workforce reductions, otherwise known as layoffs. Research suggests that layoffs are associated with long-term earnings losses, declines in mental and physical well-being, social withdrawal and family disruption.

As a survivor of several layoffs, I know that it takes determination,persistence and hard work to survive and thrive through the stresses of job loss. Corporations have abandoned America by leaving millions of her citizens either unemployed or underemployed. The resultant cash poor financial condition is experienced by many in the socioeconomic level labeled Middle Class. At Layoffapalooza we have made a commitment to produce high quality t-shirts that send a strong message with images designed to provoke discussion about an economic system that unfairly favors the wealthy. The images on our t-shirts also illustrate the real value and worthiness of an American Middle Class who deserve attention and respect.